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Cloudmark Desktop for Windows

Filter your email for spam and phising in Outlook

Cloudmark Desktop (formerly SafetyBar for Outlook) is a fully automatic anti-spam and anti-phishing add-on for Outlook, that filters your email as it arrives in your Inbox and moves suspected spam into a designated spam folder, from where you can review it later or delete it.

The filtering mechanism is based on the Cloudmark service, the largest community-based platform used to stop the plague of junk email and email fraud, and it does not require you to create any filters or rules. You can however create a white list, to make sure certain contacts will never be filtered, and also re-classify selected messages.

Benefits of Cloudmark Desktop:

  • Installs in minutes and requires no configuration
  • No rules or lists to manage
  • Blocks over 98% of spam from reaching your inbox
  • Uniquely blocks phishing emails to safeguard you against scams
  • Puts you in control—simply press the Block or Unblock button
  • Free automatic product updates and email support

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Cloudmark Desktop


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